What Our Clients Say
"Crothers Consulting was my 'go to' resource for both project assistance and when temporarily augmenting my team. They expertly delivered teamwork training, a compensation design project, and provided highly qualified augment staff with little notice. They are highly responsive, creative brainstorming partners and an all-around pleasure to work with."

"I had the opportunity to work with Laura on several high profile transactions and her expertise in M&A was very helpful to us. Her analysis, due diligence, and negotiation skills are excellent. In addition, she was able to develop some creative compensation solutions for us in the acquisition of a start-up which was strategically important to us."

Jeffrey Hilzinger, CEO Marlin Business Services

Patrick Milano, EVP/CFO
McGraw Hill

"The Crothers team are consummate Human Resources professionals with a very broad set of competencies and an operating style that is very practical and collaborative. Given my extensive and successful experience with her over a long period of time, I strongly recommend Laura and her team."

Patty Gallagher, CHRO
Connective Rx 

"Laura is a wealth of HR knowledge and a true partner in working towards meeting the needs of our executive leadership and managers. She’s focused on providing the space to not only grow as a professional but encourages those she works with to challenge themselves while also reflecting on their own behaviors. Laura’s years of experience come through immediately in talking with her and in her providing real-time examples, various approaches to coaching and feedback that work in today’s complex work environments."

Naomi Gewirtz, Director of Employee Relations Young Survival Coalition 

"I worked with Laura at a start-up and interacted with her quite frequently in my role as Controller. What is especially impressive about Laura is that she is financially astute. It is a bonus to work with someone who understands accounting and finance. She has the ability to build strong relationships, understands people and process, and can coach effectively in all aspects of sourcing a business."

Kay Kanaley, Director of Finance American Express

Laura Anger, CHRO
Marlin Business Services

"Crothers Consulting initially came to our rescue while we were in the process of building our HR team. We leveraged their capabilities to acquire HR business partners, and Annette supplemented our day-to-day recruiting efforts to fill a temporary gap. We are currently working with another Crothers Consulting expert, Patty, on talent acquisition tools and training for our sales teams. As a smaller HR organization, it is wonderful to have Crothers Consulting as an extension of our team!"

Hodaya Nahary, Director of Happiness Teltech Systems, Inc.

"Crothers Consulting brings in warmth and an out-of-the-box approach with their HR expertise. I have had the pleasure to work with Annette and John on creating a whole HR process and system. They each bring their years of HR experience, recommendations, insight - and most importantly, themselves - to consult and create a vision bigger than you can imagine."

Jaime Klein, Founder
Inspire HR

"Laura's signature warm personality puts leaders at ease so that they can focus on changing behavior and improving performance. The quantifiable results are there every time!"

Kay, Coaching Client

"Laura has an ability to cut through the noise to identify areas where there are opportunities for growth. As a leadership coach, she quickly established a relationship of trust and confidence. She has become a trusted voice that asks the tough questions and holds plans of action accountable."

William Carey, General Counsel EverBank Commercial Finance

"Having worked with Laura for nearly 20 years where all things legal and HR intersect, I highly recommend her skill and reliability. If your company needs leadership and experience in integrating employees into a new business line, or solving difficult employee issues, or building a team in a start-up or simply needs coaching on retention plans and employment contracts, I highly recommend Crothers Consulting.."

Dee Holle, HR Director


"Crothers Consulting has the unique ability to size up any situation and bring creative solutions to human capital challenges. People truly enjoy working with them, not only because they bring so much to the table, but because of their approachable, sincere and friendly manner. The Crothers HR team is a great asset to any organization."

Rich Gumbrecht, CEO Commercial Finance Association

"Laura was a valued part of our senior leadership team since the company's inception and was instrumental in our success growing the business organically and through M&A. Laura led all HR related deal matters and was masterful in her diligence, assessment, retention design and execution skills on these projects. Her value extended far beyond functional concerns to strategic and holistic leadership."