Diane Kaye

Diane brings 30 years of experience and success in COO and CRO roles to her executive consulting and coaching practice.

Diane is known for building and transforming organizations. With a focus on clarifying company strategy and goals and defining the path forward, she also builds management processes that fit her client’s stage of growth.

Her highly collaborative and inclusive style is well-received as is her focus on building teams and illustrating how sustained growth is achieved. Diane also occasionally takes on roles (e.g., Chief Product Officer, COO) for companies in transition, and has led small, start-up environments, mid-stage growth companies and large, public companies.

Diane is also a CTI trained executive coach working with executives and senior leaders to support their success through times of significant growth and evolution. She holds a MS degree in Public Policy and Economics from the University of Rochester, and a bachelor's degree in Economics. 



  • CTI Executive Coach