Kate Miller

Kate believes all individuals have the ability to design and live a life that they love. For the last ten years she has been leading personal, professional and leadership development work to support people in doing just that. Her message of radical self-acceptance, possibility and the belief that all people are whole, complete and ready has allowed her to become a coach of transformation.

Kate’s number one priority in her work is to create environments where people can see their limitless potential and gain insight in how to live into it through their choices, habits and commitment. Through her direct, caring and accepting coaching style Kate creates the conditions for people to experience mental and physical transformation in all areas of their life.

With a background in professional athletics and life-coaching, Kate draws upon her personal experience and meets people where they are at, balancing depth with humor and realness. She has a background in special education and has a deep passion for the neuroscience of learning, engagement, and making things stick. You can always expect to walk out of Kate’s sessions feeling heard, seen, and inspired.

Kate received a coaching certification from the Yoga2Life: Core Coaching for Effective Change program and is now a Certified Life Coach through Coach Training Alliance. In her day job, she is a training manager for lululemon and creates and facilitates personal, functional and leadership development programs for groups from 10-300.

When not coaching Kate is enjoying time with her husband and children in Asheville, NC. She is also is a part-time CrossFit coach and trainer and believes in exercising the brain and body regularly.

  • Yoga2Life: Core Coaching for Effective Change
  • Certified Life Coach - Coach Training Alliance