Leading Amid Crisis

Here are a few resources to help you lead in challenging times. Should you have a need for additional resources, please contact us - we are ready and able to support you as needed.

New Trainings and Facilitated Sessions

We have the trainings and facilitated team discussions, on the timely topics you need right now. Check them out here.

Learning Opportunities

These are just two of the many events, webinars and weekly roundtables from Business Innovators Alliance partners, of which Crothers Consulting is a founding member. BIA is a new consortium of industry thought leaders and experts in virtual sales and workspace strategies, employee cultures and HR implications, and digital marketing. 

CEO COVID-19 Roundtable: Every Tuesday at 8:15 a.m.
CEO’s with companies of 10 – 150 employees are welcome to join our facilitated discussion to share and support each other on a different topic weekly, as we deal with today’s COVID reality and how it is impacting your people, culture and leadership.
HR Justice League Roundtable:
Every Tuesday at 12:15 p.m.
HR leaders (in organizations of 50-300 employees) attending this facilitated Crothers call say that they can take off their super hero cape, and have great discussions in what has become their weekly life line.

VIdeos from Crothers Consulting

Resources We've Found Helpful