Andrew O'Connor

Andrew believes in the limitless potential of the human spirit. He has found that his best coaching is with self-aware, high achieving women, helping them selfishly tap into their greatness, bringing meaningful impact to the world.

By the end of this year, Andrew is scheduled to complete The Coaches Training Institute® (commonly known as CTI®), and International Coaching Federation-accredited certification as a professional coach. In addition to executive coaching, Andrew is also available to schedule coaching outside of working hours pending client needs, which many of our clients find helpful.

In his day job, Andrew has worked for the last five years at a top-5 consulting firm, focusing on human capital strategy, change management, and leadership development. His passion for service and leadership was deepened during his active duty service in the U.S. Marine Corps from 2003-2008, before attending Columbia University for his undergraduate degree.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys spending time with loved ones, sweating it out in a high intensity fitness class, cooking plant-based meals with his girlfriend, and traveling the world.

  • Coaches Training Institute®, (CTI®)
  • International Coaching Federation