Need help leading in challenging times? Should you have a need for additional resources, please contact us - we are ready and able to support you as needed.

Trainings and Facilitated Sessions

We have the trainings and facilitated team discussions, on the timely topics you need right now. Check them out here.

Learning Opportunities

  • CEO People, Culture and Leadership Roundtable1st Tuesdays at 8:15 a.m.
    CEO’s with companies of 10 – 150 employees are welcome to join our facilitated discussion to share and support each other on a different topic each month as we deal with the ongoing COVID reality and how it is impacting your people, culture and leadership.

Podcasts and Videos

  • Senior Coach & Trainer Amy Arvary offers this guided audio meditation - give yourself the gift of about ten minutes to be calm and peaceful.


  • Cg Business Advisor recently launched a podcast featuring
    Laura Crothers Osborn focusing on three essential topics for leaders: "Leadership, Management and Success."         

    Laura discusses:

              - management skills for hybrid work environments:
              - how to keep acquiring and honing skills
              - the impact of a company merger on managers
              - how leaders can affect company culture
  • Rainmakers RoundUp host Mark Iorio joins Laura Crothers Osborn in conversation about "all things leadership." View the video here to hear about Crothers and how they work with clients on HR consulting, leadership development, and soft skills training.

  • Laura Crothers Osborn joined the roundtable discussion, "Staffing Shortage Impacts Nonprofits" to speak about recruitment. Some of the topics: job posts, skill set vs. mindset, and referral programs. 

  • The Great Resignation's impact on businesses and how campanies can position themselves differently in the market is the topic of Laura Crothers Osborn's conversation with Brad Muniz of SobelCo. Learn more about how to address staffing shortages. View the video here

Videos from Crothers Consulting

Resources We've Found Helpful