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Smaller leadership teams - or departments within your organization - can often be the catalyst for effective change.  Maximizing the success of these important groups can be a smart way to grow your organization.

Teams come to us when they are looking to solve a problem:

  • Communication isn’t what it needs to be within the team or across teams
  • Trust is low
  • Succession planning or diversity efforts are non-existent
  • New managers and/or leaders need skill development
  • Companies have merged and integration efforts are failing

Crothers Consulting will assess different team strengths and challenges in many ways. Some clients choose to use assessment tools from the Leadership Circle® and/or DiSC® to receive analytical data about their team in comparison to the normative database of millions.

Using this information, we will craft a personalized plan for your team that may include individual and group coaching, team-building exercises, training, or other strategies, as well as further assessment, evaluation, and feedback. Depending on your needs and budget, this work can be done in a single day session or working closely with the team for multiple months.

Contact us to begin this important work with your team!

Case Example

Communication Skills Between Teams:
One Day Session

Case Example

Collective Leadership: A Multi-Year Commitment

Case Example
Transforming Culture through HR and Leadership