Valentina Tedesco

Valentina is a Georgetown-certified coach and ex-Google leader with over 500 hours of client experience. Her coaching and facilitation practice builds on Design Thinking concepts to help managers, teams and individuals be more connected, innovative and agile in the fast-paced digital workplace.

Valentina is passionate about the idea that better managers make for happier teams, and happier teams are more effective at enabling companies to adapt and thrive through rapid change and uncertainty. This is particularly relevant in today's increasingly distributed workplace, which requires both managers and team members to move fluidly across roles and responsibilities.

With an eye towards continuous adaptation, Valentina helps people shift seamlessly from operating as a collaborator to being a leader - and vice versa - as business circumstances evolve.

Valentina’s coaching and facilitation work is grounded in the belief that anyone can learn and transform how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors influence their outcomes. Whether she collaborates on leadership development, effective teamwork or anything in between, she incorporates Design Thinking principles and practices to unlock empathy and creativity at the individual and collective level. Valentina’s clients appreciate her focused yet dynamic approach in facilitating reflective discovery, creative thinking and rapid experimentation to define and realize meaningful goals.

Valentina spent 12 years at Google building and leading global teams with direct impact on client revenue, product launches and operational efficiency. During her tenure, Valentina’s roles spanned the Business, Technical and People departments at Google, shaping her unique perspective on both human and organizational needs.

She is known for her experience working across cultural and functional borders, being a go-to person when it comes to breaking down silos and activating growth potential through times of rapid change and uncertainty.

Today Valentina lives in New Jersey with her husband Nicolas. Whenever possible they travel back to Spain and Italy to visit their families and rediscover ‘la dolce vita.’

Coach & Trainer
  • Executive Certificate in
    Leadership Coaching,
    Georgetown Institute of
    Transformational Leadership
  • Professional Certified Coach,
    International Coaching Federation