Laura Crothers Osborn has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) New Jersey. In her new role she will be fulfilling ACG's mission of fostering growth in the middle market business community (see below for an upcoming event).

Workshops & Facilitated Gatherings

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CEO Roundtable

CEO People, Culture and Leadership Roundtable
1st Tuesday at 8:15 a.m.

CEO’s with companies of 10 – 150 employees are welcome to join our facilitated discussion to share and support each other on a different topic twice a month, as we deal with today’s COVID reality and how it is impacting your people, culture and leadership.

Speaking Engagements

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News & Events

We are excited to share that
Laura Crothers Osborn is a recipient of the Leading Women Entrepreneurs & Business Owners' "Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs of New Jersey" award.

She was honored along with the
24 other recipients at a virtual celebration on Oct. 28.

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Jan. 20, 2022:
"Succession Planning"
Panelist: Laura Crothers Osborn

Blue Water Wave Quanta Group

Nov. 18, 2021:
ACG NJ Virtual Women of Leadership Event
Panelist: Laura Crothers Osborn

Nov. 16, 2021:
"HR – People, Leadership and Culture"
ACG NJ Monthly Breakfast Meeting
Keynote Speaker: Laura Crothers Osborn

Sept. 9, 2021:
"Is Your Workplace Ready for Back to Office Transitions?"
NJCPA Business and Industry Interest Group
Panelist: Laura Crothers Osborn

April 8, 2021:
"Pulse Check: Managing team performance is key to your organization’s remote and hybrid plan success"
NJCPA Employee Engagement Seminar
Panel participants: Laura Crothers Osborn and Lauren Baptiste, Trainer & Coach

Sept. 30, 2020:
"Leading Through Challenging Times and Remote Environments"
Office Hour with SKC
Panelist: Laura Crothers Osborn

Sept. 24, 2020:
"Managing a Remote Workplace"

NJCPA Business Valuation and Litigation Services Conference

Keynote: Laura Crothers Osborn

Looking for a Presenter?

The team members of Crothers Consulting have a wide range of timely topics that they can present to your group in online settings or in person. In lively, interactive presentations for groups of all sizes, they can provide learning opportunities like these to meet your needs:

  • Creating an Inclusive Workforce
  • Motivating a Remote Workforce
  • Fierce Conversations
  • Calm in the Chaos
  • Leading Yourself and Others Through Change
  • Working in a Multigenerational Workplace
  • Building a Strengths-Based Team
  • Culture: Getting Deliberate About It
  • Improving Your Emotional Intelligence
  • The Role of Women in Leadership
  • Leveraging Intrinsic Motivation
  • "#MeToo” Movement

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May 18, 2022:

"Human Capital: Recruit & Retain Your Greatest Assets"

Panelist: Laura Crothers Osborn
Blue Wave Water Quanta Group

April 27, 2022:
"Navigating Success in the Workplace"
Panelist: Deb Wijnberg, Lead Consultant
Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber

April 12, 2022:
"Slippery Slope or Superior Traction? How to retain and motivate staff while keeping order in post-pandemic times"
Panelist: Marion Witte, Lead Consultant & Coach
Mount Olive Area Chamber of Commerce

April 14, 2022:
Roundtable: Recruiting & Retention

Panelist: Laura Crothers OsbornNew Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants (NJCPA)

September 13 from 12-1:15 p.m.
"The Business Growth Roundtable Presents: Business Growth  
       Through Uncertain Times"
Panelist: Laura Crothers Osborn

Register here - no charge

Laura joins a panel discussion featuring C3 Workplace Visionary Officer, Donna Miller; Paradigm Marketing and Design President, Rachel Durkan; and Cal Thomas of Sandler Trainings.

They will discuss:

• How to leverage uncertainty and position your business to gain market share
• New strategies for hiring and engaging key positions to strengthen your culture
• How to adapt your selling philosophy and style to buyer uncertainty

• How to tie it all together and stay focused on what brings you the best ROI on time and dollars