Alwyn Dias

Leaders call on Alwyn for his ability to quickly understand the challenges they face. A seasoned and trusted coach and mentor, his creative solutions help organizational performance through authentic employee engagement.

Alwyn advises all levels of an organization: C-Suite executives, senior leadership and middle management. His broad portfolio of clients includes top firms in the finance, healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, information technology, energy, entertainment, and non-profit sectors.

A collaborator with leaders who are driven to enhance their impact through authenticity, Alwyn builds high-performing teams with healthy morale. He is known for providing clients a safe and confidential space throughout the coaching process, which is so needed as leaders are experiencing high levels of “burn out.” He takes a highly personalized approach in his work in order to support clients in finding their own authentic leadership style.

Alwyn’s international background has provided clients the benefit of exploring the diversity that is inherent in any work environment. Born in Liberia and having lived in England, Saudi Arabia, and Spain, there is a unique global perspective that is intertwined in his work. Alwyn’s personal narrative includes having Neurofibramitosis (NF), a rare medical condition.

Having NF his entire life has given him the drive to live life with purpose and focus. He has a clear strategy of setting and committing to goals that are critical to one’s life purpose. His approach to accepting and leveraging life circumstances has paid and continues to pay in dividends. Alwyn is committed to partnering with his clients to explore the process of professional development through being inclusive of one’s purpose.

Having held leadership roles at several Fortune 500 companies, Alwyn works with global clients to enhance diversity and inclusion, employee satisfaction, succession planning, talent management and career development. He is also a professor at Rutgers University’s Graduate School of Health Administration, and a member of the Board of Trustees for Mercy Housing, a non-profit focusing on affordable housing.

The core principle of Alwyn’s coaching philosophy is to meet the leader where he or she presently is. His focus is to support individuals in realizing their true authentic leadership ability versus what is prescribed, and he achieves this by “leading from behind.” In this methodology, Alwyn prefers to help leaders to assess and understand their strengths and discover how they align with their goals and values.

Alwyn works diligently to provide clients with an open-minded perspective, that allows them to share thoughts and practice strategies in a safe space without criticism or judgment. In his approach to coaching, he uses various tools and assessments to provide insight and clarity to assist clients in leveraging increased self-awareness into personal and professional achievement. Alwyn takes a highly personalized approach in order to support clients in finding their own authentic leadership style.

A product of Fordham University, Alwyn holds a masters degree in Social Services and a BS in Psychology.

There are many things Alwyn enjoys outside of work. However, all of this has changed with the recent birth of his son. Now he very much enjoys spending time with his family, specifically his son and daughter.

Lead Consultant & Coach

• ICF Executive Coach, PCC
• Hogan Assessments
• Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
• Change Style Indicator
• Profilor 360