Wendy Van Besien

Wendy has over 20 years of experience in marketing, strategy, change management and operational excellence. She’s worked with mid-size organizations, large corporations and start-up companies.

Realizing a personal passion, she trained and became a Leadership and Executive Coach to help executives optimize their most critical leadership success components by focusing on leadership competencies, team productivity and engagement, emotional and political intelligence and clear communication. She has advised leaders across multiple industries and supported organizations experiencing disruption and transformation.

With her positive focus, Wendy works with leaders and their teams to accelerate performance and drive results. Her personal philosophy is to lead into people’s strengths and uncover what’s holding them back, their limiting beliefs, assumptions or interpretations. Using positive psychology tenets, Wendy taps into understanding brain science to help her clients build awareness of underlying dynamics, enhance interpersonal skills, elevate executive presence and build high performing teams.

Additionally, she guides and assists when executives are faced with complex transformational change, laying out clear solutions to management structure and functional change, reorganizations and mergers-acquisitions. Equally important, Wendy works with clients to develop individual plans to assist in managing stress, work-life balance, improving communication skills and relationships.

Additionally, Wendy is an expert speaker discussing a variety of topics. As a positive psychology practitioner, she draws upon the expertise of leaders in the industry, as well as her own personal experiences to weave critical examples and easy to apply steps for success. She uses wit, humor, professional and personal experiences to motivate her audience to reach their potential.

Wendy holds an MBA in Finance/Marketing from the Columbia University School of Business, and a BS in Organizational Development from Cornell University Industrial and Labor Relations School.

 Coach & Trainer
  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching
  • ICF Certified (International Coach Federation)
  • Emotional Intelligence 2.0
  • Hogan
  • MBTI
  • COR.E Dynamics
  • Energy Leadership Index