Perhaps you’re looking for:

  • executive leadership coaching to grow your skills as a leader
  • leadership team coaching to develop and assimilate your top team
  • life coaching to re-examine and plan for your ‘next chapter’ personally and/or professionally
  • life coaching to find fulfillment in life that may be missing

The highly trained and experienced coaches at Crothers Consulting can walk beside you on your journey. Our belief is that people are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, but sometimes can use a coach to help them explore new areas, hold them accountable and ask meaningful questions.

This important work is typically accomplished in one-on-one sessions in person and/or by phone, but sometimes can be done in small group workshops. You choose which will better serve your needs.


Coaching may begin by utilizing the resources of the Leadership Circle®, CTI’s Co-Active Coaching®, DiSC®, and the PDI Profiler®, where the experienced professionals from Crothers Consulting can help select, implement and debrief the tool and then work with you to devise a plan of action.

Executive and leadership coaching may include 360-degree feedback from trusted colleagues (by using a tool or conducting interviews) to identify areas of potential growth and improvement, or the executive’s own assessment of development opportunities.

Using this data, we will work with the individual to gain skills and insights. A typical engagement starts at six months, with regular one-on-one coaching, as well as intermittent support in between via emails and phone calls.

A popular form of executive coaching is the mentoring service we provide for Newer HR Leaders.

Your Next Chapter coaching is a service we offer to assist you  in getting clarity about what fulfills you. 

Are these kinds of questions creeping into your thoughts:

  • Should I stay in this industry or make a radical job shift?
  • How about starting my own business?
  • What do I want to do when my children go off to college?
  • Or maybe I will plan to retire?

For these important considerations, we provide a down-to-earth, practical approach, based in research and best practices that assist you in your journey, culled from our training and years of experience.

Check our list of workshops focused on resiliency and lifeskills.

These workshops are typically informal and small in scale to also allow for conversation among participants. You’ll not only learn from our professional presenters but from others in your situation.

Contact us for more information about our coaching options and opportunities.

"My coach, Amy, has made a huge impact on my life as a working mom and in my work life, helping me navigate this new life of mine. I appreciate her time and coaching through these times to make me a better person!"

Caitlin Smith, C.P.A.
SKC & Co. CPAs, L.L.C.

"My Crothers coach has an ability to cut through the noise to identify areas where there are opportunities for growth. As a leadership coach, she quickly established a relationship of trust and confidence. She has become a trusted voice that asks the tough questions and holds plans of action accountable."

Kay, Coaching Client

Case Example

Collective Leadership: A Multi-Year Commitment

"Amy has been such a light in my life! Although her methods may not be conventional, they are effective. My mindset has drastically changed and I’m able to proceed throughout my day with much more clarity and focus. I’m able to see challenges as opportunities; I’m able to put myself back in alignment mentally when things do not go as planned; I’m able to adjust my expectations and focus on the end goal. While the work is not done, I can see results which is always motivating. Plus, Amy is just a joy to be around!"

Coaching Client

SKC & Co. CPAs, LLC.