High Growth and Start-ups

Starting a new business or growing one presents a unique set of challenges, primarily those of cost, risk and effectiveness. Crothers Consulting will help you address all three.

We believe in starting with understanding your business plan and the culture you are creating. Leaders are the shapers of culture and we will work closely with them to conduct an overall HR Assessment and/or a survey of your organizational culture. We get to know your business and connect with you personally, so that we can help design the right programs and processes that are scalable as your business grows. All of that lays the foundation for us to understand how to help you design HR programs and practices in alignment with and support of your culture and the brand you are building.

We use a full array of HR-related services that support the different HR functions to create the lasting impression you are seeking. This creates employee engagement which is critical in all phases, but especially in the phases of high growth and change, including the early start-up years or when organizations merge. We can help you find the right HR talent for your organization or we can partner with the HR team you already have on board. Mentoring newer HR leaders is a specialty of Crothers Consulting.

Our down-to-earth approach makes us practical and fun to work with. We understand the critical timelines in getting started and are proven experts who deliver creative solutions that keep costs low, decrease risk, and optimize effectiveness. Contact us today!

  • ​Clarify/design vision, values and culture
  • Align human capital strategy to business objectives
  • Prepare 12 month HR plan
  • Ensure your onboarding and exiting processes protect the company
  • Design compensation structure, commission and incentive plans
  • Select/implement payroll/HRIS provider
  • Analyze benefit plan offerings with growth plans and budget top of mind
  • Write/implement communication plans​
  • Create simple engagement surveys
  • Guide HR function team building or selection
  • ​Counsel leadership on all options
  • Provide change management and effective leadership development programs

High Growth (including Start-ups) HR CONSIDERATIONS