This session will explore the core principles that each of these companies followed to achieve significant business success. Tomorrow will look nothing like today, so organizations will be facing both threats and opportunities in the future. Leveraging the learnings from Good to Great, Jim Collins' seminal work on what makes companies great, can offer leadership teams insight and a possible “path forward” as they begin to envision their company’s future.

The session will provide participants the opportunity to brainstorm how these principles can enable their organization an opportunity to assess their current operational and organizational effectiveness. Enablers and inhibitors of future success will be explored and an Action Plan created. Each action will be “mapped” to understand the effort required and impact of selected actions.

This program is for intact teams, whose business is at an inflection point of growth.


  • What enables companies to move from being good for many years, to become great
  • The role that “discipline” plays in the enablement of business “greatness”
  • Level 5 Leadership
  • First Who, then What
  • Confronting the Brutal Facts
  • The “Hedgehog Concept” – focusing on what really matters
  • Creating a Culture of Discipline – Use of a “Flywheel” to drive success
  • Technology Accelerators
  • Facilitated brainstorming around enablers and inhibitors of future success
  • Creation of an Action Plan that your organization can leverage to strengthen its prospects for future business success

This training can be delivered in 4-8 hours in 2-3 multi-hour courses.

How to Move from 'Good to Great'

Business Success

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