During the session, organization leadership will be guided through a brainstorming activity to surface language for a Vision/Purpose, Mission and Values. Participants will then pressure-test these ideas with organization employees and re-engage for a two additional sessions to further define and finalize Vision/Purpose, Mission and Values language.

Answer the question: “What is your WHY?” Differentiate your WHY from WHAT you do and HOW you do it? These three questions are central to defining your organization’s Vision/Purpose, Mission and Values.


  • Personal leadership “best” stories
  • Core leadership practices
  • Role of a leader in inspiring a shared vision or purpose
  • Connecting business strategy and work to a vision/purpose, mission and values.
  • What is your organization’s “Why”?
  • The “Golden Circle” – video by Simon Sinek
  • Guided facilitation: brainstorming a vision/purpose (the ;Why;), mission and values
  • Pressure-testing ideas with the organization

This course is delivered in 3 sessions.  Session 1: 3 hours.  Session 2 & 3: 1.5 hours each.

Creating a Vision, Mission and Values

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