This session provides participants with eight simple principles to leverage when they must conduct a difficult conversation with a coworker, superior, subordinate or even a family member. This workshop provides participants the opportunity to practice these principles with one another on existing or anticipated difficult conversations they face. 

We cannot change what we refuse to confront. The thought of having a difficult conversation causes many people stress and therefore it tends to be avoided. This course gives 8 practical steps to deal with any conflict in a way that is respectful, holds people accountable, and sets participants up for success. Participants can immediately put these skills to use to resolve workplace conflict and therefore increase engagement, productivity and teamwork.


  • Gaining confidence in leveraging the Fierce Conversation principles
  • Mastering the courage to interrogate reality
  • Coming out from behind yourself into the conversation
  • Tackling your toughest challenge today
  • Obeying your instincts
  • Taking responsibility for your “emotional wake”
  • Letting silence do the heavy lifting
  • Coming to an agreement on “the way forward”

Handling Tough Conversations Workshop

Leveraging 8 Simple Principles

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