Studies conducted across hundreds of organizations have demonstrated a correlation between emotional intelligence (EI or EQ) and effective performance.

EI/EQ has been shown to be twice as important as other drivers of job performance such as IQ and technical skills. The good news is that EI/EQ can be learned and improved over time. Participants will strengthen skills that are part of being emotionally intelligent. Activities and exercises allow for practical application of these skills.


  • The business case for improving emotional intelligence
  • Self-awareness – triggers and motivators
  • Self-management – stress management and change management tools
  • Social Awareness – the role of empathy and organizational awareness
  • Relationship management - Collaboration techniques
  • Case studies and workplace applications
  • Blind spots with emotional intelligence
  • Techniques for ongoing EI/EQ improvement
  • Individualized action plan

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

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